Mysore style is the best way of learning yoga

You do not have to know anything about Yoga before starting.

This is Yoga in its traditional form, where the practice is shared directly from teacher to student. Each student is addressed individually. Mysore style is way of being taught yoga one pose at a time.

It is self-paced practice and tailored to your personal situation. All levels, beginners to advanced students, practice together in a supportive group environment. Students work directly with the teacher to gradually memorise, refine and integrate the sequence of poses over time, to develop a flowing, consistent and established yoga practice. It doesn’t take long to learn if you come consistently.

Perfect for beginners to yoga

Postures are taught one by one.

Beginners start with a shorter practice that evolves into a longer practice as they gain strength and flexibility. Be patient and remember that a regular, consistent practice, at least 2-3 times a week to start, is recommended to learn the posture sequence, and see the many benefits to mind and body accrue.

In a Mysore style class you gradually learn the a sequence of postures over time at a pace that is suitable for you. You are at all times under the guidance of an experienced teacher who gives individual instruction and adjustments, specific to your needs. It is akin to personal training for yoga – you receive individual one on one attention in a group environment.

Self paced means more joy and less risk

Everyone practices according to their ability on the day.

If you feel tired, that’s okay. If you feel full of energy, that’s great too. If you need to ask questions – fantastic!

In the West, we are accustomed to doing everything at full power, and this can happen in yoga sometimes. The downside is that this approach can be unpleasant or even increase the risk of injury.

The advantage of the Mysore-style format is you are asked to move at a pace that feels right for you on the day.

Questions are the best way to learn

The teacher is your expert guide.

In Mysore style you have free dialogue with the teacher. Feel free at any point to ask questions. The practice changes over time as we develop, and it’s inevitable that we will need to adjust for injuries, energy levels, and the regular to-and-fro of daily life. Our qualified teachers will assist you, with respect and privacy, as much as needed.

Come with an open mind for a fresh start.

Especially if you have done a lot of yoga before.

It’s such a relief to be a beginner again. You may find yourself progressing through to the intermediate and advanced postures fairly quickly, but allow yourself to indulge in a fresh start. Mysore style classes are an opportunity to be taught new techniques from the ground up.

If you stay a while and observe the energy in the room, you start to notice a pattern emerging. Everyone seems to be on a path, following a precise choreography with an individual flair. Compared to other yoga classes, the silence is striking. Occasionally the teacher will whisper something to a student, but the dominant sound is the collective breath. You’ll notice the teacher move swiftly from student to student, giving adjustments as appropriate.

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