The Vinyasa Krama Yoga method is tailored for individuals, the sequence is scaled and modified for students with any physical condition, injury, or other aspect that might make regular flow classes difficult or impossible.

This method was birthed and taught by the Indian master Sri T. Krishnamacharya. It is a practice to cultivate harmony (sattva) in the student and it is faithful to the ancient Yoga principles laid down in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Students learn sequencing as mode of discovery and exploration rather than a goal to be reached. This enables the teachers to help a diverse range of students with different capacities. Potentially any sequence or tradition can be used under Vinyasa Krama umbrella.

Vinyasa Krama is the art and science combining the elements of yoga in a sequence that makes an effective and safe practice. The word “Vinyasa” refers to the principle of synchronising movement with breath. In Vinyasa Krama the body, breath and mind are integrated to attain a unified state of harmony and attention.

Vinyasa Krama uses numerous variations of postures to fully explore the possibilities of the body and attain the classical goals of yoga: steadiness and comfort. Krama means order, so in a Vinyasa Krama class postures are organised in a logical sequence, with transitional movements, practiced gently, along with deep yogic breathing.

Each posture can be slowly discovered and ultimately mastered by moving through all the variations without force or strain. In the process the breath and mind also undergo a transformation. The ability to take a seated posture and practice breathing and meditation is the natural outcome of the process.

The parameters of yoga indicated in the yoga sutras are faithfully respected to maintain an effective, authentic practice that develops the Ashtanga yoga (eight limbed yoga) in an integral way.

Optimum health is possible through regular yoga practice, consisting of mental peace and attention, and ultimately to spiritual freedom. Regular practice and correct support from diet and lifestyle is all that is required.