Bhāvana and Tantra workshop

Bhāvana and the fundamentals of tantric practice

The word bhāvana indicates the induction of a state or a thing through progressive, repetitive, aspiring actions. It can look like being “worked up” in a whirl of enthusiasm. This aspiration is our fuel and we contain an unlimited supply! However, in a material culture it can be difficult to resist ideas of lack and scarcity.   

The word tantra is frequently misunderstood and misused. The word can be translated as spell, oath, or ordeal.  While it can be associated with deviancy or new age ritualism, there is a principle at hand that can be used by everyone.

Bhāvana and Tantra together form an approach to life and a specific practice that ensures spiritual evolution, constant learning, and intense experiences!

Learn more in this workshop presented by Josh.

Sunday 7th May, 10am-11:30am.

Bhavana + Tantra Workshop