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Introduction to Tantra Yoga | Full Day Workshop

October 27, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

$121 – $151

Introduction to Tantra Workshop Newcastle October 2019


To live a fully conscious life, one that is in harmony with nature (consciousness in its most pure form) and guided by the unimpeded flow of that consciousness through our being, it is essential to understand how consciousness manifests itself through the human form.

Non-dual Tantra of Kaśmir Śaivism offers the most exquisite, the most expansive, the most comforting explanation of consciousness, humanity and nature that human endeavour has ever expressed.

The journey of the Tantrik path is not to seek to attain that which you’ve been conditioned to believe you don’t have in order to become ‘enlightened.’ Nor is it to avoid those things which have been classified as ‘bad’ or ‘negative.’ The journey is to understand the nature of reality and to remove everything that stands in the way of your recognition of the true nature of the ‘Self.’ That is, recognition of the fact that your natural, inherent, always present state, is one of divine bliss. This bliss is your birthright. All you need to do is re-cognise it and calibrate your being to vibrate in harmony with this truth.

To transform your experience of existence from one of ignorance and suffering to awareness and bliss, the first step is to realise, (and understand) that it is possible to experience existence as it is, not as we’ve been conditioned to believe it to be. Next, we must do the work of dissolving everything that impedes the flow of consciousness in its natural state so as to live from this higher octave of conscious awareness.

In this full-day introductory workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to explore theory and practice, knowledge and embodied experience, to take a journey and taste life through the lens of Tantra.

Workshop participants will explore:

Knowledge // jñāna

Discover the foundational framework of the non-dual Tantrik worldview and understand the difference between Tantra and the two other most popular traditions:

  • Sāṃkhya / Patañjali’s system of Yoga

  • Buddhism

Experience // svānubhava

Explore how to apply knowledge in practical ways that will transform both your perception and your experience of life.

Practice // abhyasana

Participate in an āsana and prāṇāyāma practice that will transform your relationship to your body, breath and mind.

Community // kula

Experience the difference that practising in a community of your fellow humans walking the same path can make.

It is my intention that you leave this workshop transformed by your experience, as innocently happy as those children in the photo, and inspired to dive deeper into the magic that is Tantra.


This workshop is designed as an introductory experience for humans with little or no experience / understanding of Tantra.

Many people know of Tantra as something related to sex, and whilst there is an aspect of Tantra that relates to sexuality, this workshop will not include any of those practices.

If you are unsure about whether this workshop is for you, please feel to email me with your questions.


October 27, 2019
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
$121 – $151


Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle
Level 2, 372 King St
Newcastle, NSW 2300 Australia
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