Introduction to Ayurveda workshop

Ayurveda supports our physical well-being to be on the path. Practicing Ayurveda is simply observing nature’s laws and rhythms in one’s daily life. This introductory workshop explores:

  • the Ayurvedic framework of the 5 Elements (Space/Air/Fire’/Water/Earth) and the 3 Doshas (Vata/Pitta/Kapha) as the basis for your Ayurvedic constitution.
  • the Ayurvedic understanding of digestion and how to eat well – the concepts of Agni, Ama and Rasa.
  • the Doshic Clock and living in alignment with Nature’s rhythms and cycles daily, seasonally and through different life stages.  

Teaching Prenatal workshop

Learn about creating a safe and supportive environment for practicing yoga while pregnant. How to establish a safe and nurturing space to observe emotions, feel calm and grounded, strengthen bodies and minds, and connect with little one while in-utero. Including:

  • Key safety principles
  • Physical and physiological changes 
  • Customising sequences
  • Understanding your limitations 

Order your copy of The Spirit of the Matter

This is a great book for yoga enthusiasts, studio owners, and spiritual seekers who wish to move beyond the standard Westernised flavours of yoga, into the deep awareness and intentions of those who initiated yoga itself.

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