Price Guide

Our Membership Model

We strive for all people to have the power to manage their resources and cultural processes necessary to one’s existence. The self-governing of human needs and behaviours that results in the equitable availability of resources and rights for the Earth and all its inhabitants, including both the intrinsic rights and dignity due all people as well as the setting of limits to growth and consumption.

As such, we leave it up to you to choose your monthly payments. Here is a guide for consideration:

  • $100-$150 per month: Those practicing once a week, or on a basic income, families and uni students who want to offer warm-hearted support.
  • $150-$200 per month: People practicing more often, those with careers who are able to contribute a little more to boost the sustainability of the studio.
  • $200-$250 per month: Advocates and patrons who are in a position to be more generous and help the teachers and students with modest incomes.
Make Any Donation

You can use your credit card here to make a payment to the studio for any reason.