Rich’s Yoga of Longevity class

Yoga for longevity classes with Richard Kelly

The classes are a synthesis of many disciplines. Targeting blood and energy flow we will use spinal reflexes, nerve lengthening, joint therapy and spinal movements. We will target meridians and acupuncture points in the body to increase Qi (or Chi) or Prana, to purge and tonify the Qi and Prana.

There is an aim of keeping the heart and breath rate low as this practice is designed to be parasympathetic dominant. Parts of the practice may also have variable heart and breath rate.

The classes will vary in nature week to week and season to season as we follow energetic cycles the flow of life to help tonify our Qi. Some weeks we may have a small portion of our practice in workshop format to deepen our understanding and connection to the practice.

The style of instruction is following either verbal or visual instruction and some classes are purely visually instructed flow. Through the classes in a meditative style with no verbal instruction. This will help in working both left and right-side brain function.

Our focus is on movement, posture, breathing (pranayama), mental control, focus, internal health and happiness.

The two main pillars of internal health, happiness and longevity are:

  • Good circulation.
  • A vibrant nervous system that is calm (stress free) but will still be effective at
    allowing you to respond to life challenges.

Most conventional exercise, including modern yoga, tends to improve our circulation by increasing the heart rate and thus overstimulating the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response).

Flexible and strong muscles and joints can be easily achieved without stress on the nervous system. Without a healthy nervous system, it is virtually impossible to achieve and maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

It is vital to support the 3 major organ systems in the human organism. The ones we often hear about are the immune, digestive and reproductive systems but there are many more. If you wish to move blood through the body effectively without creating stress and dominance of the fight and flight response, then this practice will help you do so in a meditative way.

Most people think of the meditative state as sitting still and getting bored in an uncomfortable position getting cold. When you look at studies of and on meditation, it is a place you can go, doing almost any activity, providing the activity has the following features:

  1. Sustainable – you must be able to do it for a long time, at least a couple of hours ideally.
  2. Engaging – not too stressful or too boring.
  3. Calming – it must have a calming effect – no heart racing, stretch or tension.
  4. Effortless – without pain or struggles.
  5. Invigorating – move the blood inside you.

The more you enter this state automatically we move further into a “flow” or “meditative”

The benefits:

  • Circulate good energy and loving information effectively by promoting blood
    circulation with a lower heart rate (Dominant in the parasympathetic system);
  • Unblock the blockages from poor diets and negative thinking;
  • Change the old paradigm of lock the core, instead move actively, fluently and gracefully from the core with natural breathing become strong without feeling tense;
  • Become more flexible without stretching;
  • Have increased energy without having to breathe so much;
  • Intelligent practice without thinking so much; and
  • Create a meditative state or as athletes call it being ‘In the Zone’ or “Flow State”.

Who is it for?

  • Everyone. From athletes, yoga practitioners, beginners. This is for anyone wanting to improve their overall well-being and performance in life.


  • Day: Saturday
  • Time: 4.00pm to 6.00pm
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: $30.00 adults, students and Pensioner $20.00

**Please note

  • Arrive 15 mins prior to class start time
  • Avoid large meals within 2 to 3 hours of the commencement of practice
  • Hydrate before class, not during.
  • Clothing: Loose comfortable clothing should be worn.
  • Introduce yourself: Let the teacher know of any injuries, past or present, medications of illness.

Please take care of both your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, it is your responsibility. Practice in a mature, intelligent way that is going to benefit your internal health. Sometimes it is much better to take the easier option.

Yoga and practice are a lifetime journey. One step at a time. Please take it easy. Make your practice a work in, not a workout and enjoy the meditative quality in your practice.

Shabdkosh Yoga of Longevity

“The wisdom of Life’ or the knowledge of longevity.

The wise Seers and Sages of early time had an intuitive understanding of the physiology and workings of the mind, body and spirit long before the advents of modern medicine.

In the Ayurvedic system a fundamental approach to well-being is that you must reach your unique state of balance in your whole being – body, mind and spirit.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spiritual practice and longevity go hand in hand.

Everyone is born into this life with a destiny. We all come here with a special purpose.

We are born at a specific time on a specific day each year, we arrive in a certain city and are born to a set of parents- and we all have a time and we will pass away. These are circumstances of our lives on earth. So, when we speak about longevity, all these elements come into play. From our individual vantage points we cannot see the greater Universal pattern; we only see our portion of it from our limited perspective on Earth.

Longevity refers to the length of a life. For millennia Chinese medicine has understood that the lifespan of everyone is determined by the quantity and quality of his or hers inborn Qi. This is the part of your energy foundation that is inherited from your parents, half from your father and half from your mother. And therefore, the quantity and quality of their Qi as well as the nature of your mother’s pregnancy and the factors surrounding your birth directly
impact your inborn Qi.

The Nei Jing, a classical Chinese medicine text, states that ‘Men are born on earth, but life itself (SPIRIT) is held in the hands of heaven. When the Qi of heaven (the source or origin of all life) and earth harmonize, it is called a human being. So traditionally, Chinese medicine has held and belief that the length of your life is unchangeable.

This means your inborn Qi or Prana (your energy foundation) cannot be changed. The life that you build upon your energy foundation depends on quality of that foundation. Put another way, your energy foundation is like land you inherit from your parents. It may be two acres or two thousand; its soil may be incredibly fertile or dusty and full of stones. What you inherit you cannot change.

What you can work with is how you care for your legacy. This is totally under your control. The way you manage the time and health given to you. Do you ever stop and think about your gift of life? Are you maximizing it or living in a way that depletes it? These are the two basics roads you can travel. One conserves inborn Qi and can make your life journey healthy and peaceful; the other runs through the legacy with illness, stress and unhappiness at its

Thousands of years before modern physicists made their discoveries about the fundamental nature of matter and the physical world, that everything at its core is energy, Chinese medicine was operating from this framework. It knew that in order to have good health and the potential for longevity within your fate, your energy must flow, and your internal organs must work together in harmony and you must be in harmony with nature.

Acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal therapies have been effective ’tools’ to help build, balance, and maintain health and make the life journey a fulfilling one. Yet as powerful as Chinese medicine as is the Ayurvedic system of medicine is at creating health and wellness, this is only one side of the total picture.

What is the other side? Spiritual practice should not be confused and misunderstood as a religion or religious belief. Spiritual practice is self-development in all areas and aspects of your life. Examples of spiritual practices are Taoist Yoga, Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts and many other modalities of movement, posture and disciplines that connect you with universal source – the unlimited, eternal energy source.

Do you know what’s happening when you meditate or practice in true meditative state? The inside function of your body doesn’t age. A true meditative state generates longevity; a balanced sustained energy level; you don’t get sore; you don’t get injuries; and allows the 50 trillion plus cells in your body to continually grow and thrive. Aging isn’t about moving further and further into the future. It’s about the quality of the function of the interior landscape and environment of body, mind, and spirit; and harmony with all that is and all that comes onto the path of your life.

With his theory of relativity Einstein changed how we think about time. No longer is it a constant measurement and independent of motion-time changes. As you get closer to the speed of light, the slower time becomes. This space-time continuum describes the workings of the entire universe. Time is not a steady movement along an imaginary timeline. Time is based on feeling; related to perception. Time past, present and future is always connected. There is no past, no future. It’s all the same at any moment; it’s just a different dimension. If a moment is fast, if it passes quickly you are still living in the past or the future. If you are truly in the moment, as you are when totally immersed in a spiritual practice, it passes slowly. Someone living in the moment can see everything. If you truly live moment to moment this is using the light to return to the light-the spiritual pathway to agelessness and living beyond time.

References Simon Borg-Olivier, Bianca Machliss, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Greg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza, The Tao of Physics by Fritot Capra and The Chi Cycle Lifestyle by Dr Jost Sauer.