Experience yoga at your own pace

Experience yoga at your own pace

Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga in Newcastle, Australia

We teach the traditional Mysore style of yoga

Mysore style yoga lets you learn at your own speed, with one-on-one tuition from a teacher to determine the most appropriate sequence of poses for your abilities. Mysore style is perfectly suited to beginners, those middle aged or older, or anyone with a bodily niggle or two to contend with, allowing everyone to participate and reclaim their confidence, in a supportive group environment.

Mysore style is welcoming to beginners

You do not need to be flexible or know anything about yoga before starting to learn Mysore style

It is a practice tailored to your personal situation, making it ideal for those who have injuries or special needs and don’t feel catered to by fitness-yoga classes. Our teachers are ready to create a sequence for you, with respect and privacy.

And challenging for pros…

Mysore style allows experienced practitioners to embrace the beginners mindset again!

Whether it’s being guided out of a rut or developing your practice through poses that are beyond the scope of western power vinyasa and yin yoga classes, Mysore style offers a life-long sense of progress and development.

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Price Guide

Our Membership Model We strive for all people to have the power to manage their resources and cultural processes necessary to one’s existence. The self-governing of human needs and behaviours that results in the equitable...
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Friends of AYN

We whole-heartedly endorse the following supporting practitioners. In Tune Massage – Lara Visokvich, dry needling specialist Emily Mouton – Herbalist, nutritionist, remedial massage April’s Massage – Marketown (4927 8868) Bodyworx Physio – The Junction
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Our Teachers

Josh Pryor Josh is a senior yoga teacher specialising in the traditional Mysore style class format, which allows students with vastly different practices to share the same encouraging space, all together at the same time...
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An amazing place to practice, very experienced teachers who are knowledgeable and dedicated in improving your practice and holding space. A great space for beginners and the advanced student, thank you for offering such a beautiful place to practice Mysore!


After many years of searching for a place that I could settle in and develop my own personal yoga practice I finally found Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle. Mysore style yoga suits me, allowing me to work with my body at my pace, while others in the room do the same. The atmosphere is welcoming and the age range in the room is broad.

Josh has a lighthearted and supportive approach, he intuitively knows when you're ready for the next step and provides encouragement that inspires enough confidence to give it a go. I was very much a beginner when I commenced. I am delighted with the progress I am making, I'm doing things in my late 50's that I have never done in my life before. It's never too late to begin!


I joined Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle almost 2 years ago. I was nervous at the time due to the reputation of Ashtanga being for 'serious' yogis. I need not have been concerned. Josh has created a friendly, welcoming space to grow your practice no matter what level you are currently at.

Beyond the physical practice, Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle offers a space to reflect inwards and step back briefly from our often hectic external lives. Thank you Josh.