Enjoy Yoga

at your own pace

We offer classes in the traditional Mysore style of yoga that lets you learn at your own speed, with one-on-one assistance from a teacher to determine the most appropriate sequence of poses for your abilities and help you learn them one by one.

Mysore style is perfectly suited to beginners, those middle aged or older, or anyone with a bodily niggle or two to contend with, allowing everyone to participate and reclaim their confidence in a supportive group environment.

A weekend with Gregor Maehle






Karma Yoga,finding your divine purpose, and the Vedic meditations of Vijnana Bhairava

India Retreat

Join us in Rishikesh, North India, and experience the epiphanies offered by concentrated mantra practice immersed in Himalayan energies.

5th to 12th of May 2024




Our Timetable

We run a regular schedule of dawn and dusk classes, plus a few extra for good measure.

"I was nervous when I joined due to the reputation of Ashtanga being so serious, but I need not have been concerned. This is a friendly, welcoming space to grow your practice no matter what level you're at. It is a space to reflect inwards and step back briefly from our often hectic external lives."

– Kirsten

"I'd highly recommend Astanga Yoga Newcastle. I've recently switched to Astanga after many years of Iyengar and it has rekindled my motivation and enjoyment of yoga. I'm grateful to the teachers for creating such a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere."

– Belinda

About Us

We are a fun bunch of expert teachers who never lost the thrill of being students!

Our greatest enjoyment comes from helping complete newbies to the practice of yoga.

Head Teacher of Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle

Josh Pryor, is a senior yoga teacher specialising in the traditional Mysore style class format, which allows students with vastly different practices to share the same encouraging space, all together at the same time while being tutored by experienced teachers.

He finished writing a book on the topic in 2020, while he was in the cities of Mysore and Rishikesh during the original Covid outbreak and subsequent lockdown. The book is called “The Spirit of the Matter” and also includes a new translation of the classic 8th century text “Yoga Tārāvalī”.

Aside from writing and running Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle, Josh is President of Yoga Australia, the peak body for yoga in this country. Josh also volunteers his time working with a not-for-profit native tree nursery and bush regeneration organisation.