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Apprenticeships and Teacher Training

Apprenticeships and Teacher Training

Share your passion

From time to time we invite dedicated students to participate in an apprenticeship program which creates a path to becoming a yoga teacher in the traditional manner. This involves one-on-one tuition, practical training in the studio, and study assignments, ultimately leading to teaching in a Mysore context, as well as the commonplace led class format.

If you have thought about becoming a yoga teacher in a way that is more gradual and thorough than a typical Western TT model, this is a great first step.

Things we value in potential apprentices and teachers:

  • A dedicated personal practice
  • A desire to help people of all ages and capacities
  • A passion to learn more than the usual physical components of modern yoga
  • Prior experience or education in allied health fields
  • Existing yoga teacher training qualifications
Please feel free to reach out to Josh in the studio or by email