The Spirit of the Matter

The Spirit of the Matter

The world needs happy and adventurous heroes who can easily hold themselves at the place of clear vision and creative poise, in daily life. This personal expression of ease and positivity is the essence of Indian spirituality. Mysore style yoga is the bullet train to this outcome. It bolsters autonomy, independence and reliance on your whole Self, leading to the joyful creation of heaven on earth, starting with your local environment.

The new book, The Spirit of the Matter, explains Mysore style as the best path for yoga practice in the modern age, one that serves as a launch pad for the blossoming of all the positive and creative elements of our nature.

The book is an adventurous look at the progressive Mysore style class format and the relationship between Western yoga and the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. How to use this system to reach supernatural peaks while living a productive life of bliss and poise. It the book we look at:

  • An array of ancient principles presented in a useful and clear manner
  • History and guidelines for practicing and teaching Mysore style yoga
  • Explanation of progressive approaches to classes and techniques
  • Scientific research and case studies supporting the practices
  • Meditations which integrate the unconscious mind into waking reality
  • A new translation of the ancient Sanskrit text Yoga Taravali, from which the Ashtanga opening chant is derived

The ultimate purpose of the book is to help Mysore style yoga proliferate around the world, stretching beyond previous limits, embracing all ages and levels of ability, growing into to a modern age of inclusiveness.

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“Josh Pryor’s The Spirit of the Matter is a refreshing new contribution to Ashtanga Yoga. It sheds novel light on the Mysore-style format and explains its manifold advantages. The book clears many common misunderstandings that may prevent beginners from trying out this most efficient class format. Pryor’s approach is guided by reason and a spirit of exploration rather than dogma. The Spirit of the Matter also for the first time makes available a useable translation of the Yoga Taravali. Congratulations!” Gregor Maehle (best-selling author of six books on yoga and meditation).

This is a great book for yoga enthusiasts, studio owners, and spiritual seekers who wish to move beyond the standard Westernised flavours of yoga, into the deep awareness and intentions of those who initiated yoga itself.

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