The Spirit of the Matter

Josh is writing a book presenting the results of six years of study of Indian metaphysics, 10 years practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in a Mysore style environment, five trips to India studying under world-class teachers.

My intention is to explain modern Mysore style as the best path for a complete and true teaching of yoga to serves as a launch pad to the blossoming in society of all the positive and creative elements of our inner nature.

The findings of my research and study are, in summary:

  1. The world needs happy and adventurous heroes.
  2. To be able to rapidly centre oneself in daily life to the inner place of clear vision and creative ideas and then express oneself with ease in purely positive terms is the essence of Indian spirituality.
  3. Mysore style yoga is the bullet train to this ability, comprising autonomy, independence and reliance on your central Self, leading to the joyful creation of heaven on earth, starting with your local environment.

I have written 48,000 words already, topics covered include:

  1. An array of ancient principles presented in an utterly useful and clear manner without dilution.
  2. History, instructions, and guidelines around practicing and teaching Mysore style yoga
  3. Explanation of modern approaches to classes and techniques
  4. Modern research and case studies supporting the practices
  5. Meditations which integrate the unconsciousness mind into waking reality
  6. A new translation from Sanskrit of the ancient text Yoga Taravali, from which the Ashtanga Yoga opening chant is derived
  7. Stories, anecdotes, and mythology

The ultimate purpose of the book is to help Mysore style yoga proliferate around the world, stretching beyond previous limits, embracing all ages and levels of ability, growing into to a modern age of inclusiveness.

I require funding to continue to write around the day to day duties of studio management and teaching. Costs coming up include further research in the city of Mysore and the cost of self-publishing. I am well along the path to completion, and have engaged professional editing resources as well as receiving guidance from world-renowned teachers.



Event: Far Beyond Mindfulness

Date: 9th February 2020
Venue: Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle

To support this project we will run lectures and invite people to make a financial contribution as a part of attending.

Entry is by donation, visit here:


Anyone who contributes $30 or more will receive a draft copy of the introduction and first chapter of the book. Anyone who contributes $90 or more will receive a signed copy of the book when it is published.


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