Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda and Yoga are known as sister sciences and one very simple way of describing their relationship is that Ayurveda supports our physical well-being on the spiritual path, while Yoga guides our spiritual direction. 

Together they address the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the individual by re-connecting us with our own inner wisdom, providing the tools to tune in to the workings of body and mind and, through this process, nurture the spirit. 

The knowledge system of Ayurveda has been compiled over thousands of years, perceived (rather than conceived) by ancient holy men known as rishis, through observation of nature and deep meditative practices.

Introducing Ayurveda into our life often feels like coming home, because as part of nature we are simply returning to our natural way of being. It feels right because it is nature’s laws and rhythms in practice.

A common response from many people when introduced to the principles and practices is: “this makes so much sense, why didn’t I know this already!” The truth is that at one level we do know it, that’s why it makes sense. 

The basic principles and simple dietary and lifestyle practices of Ayurveda help us to pausereflect and reconnect to that level of ourselves that knows intuitively what supports our health and wellbeing, and what doesn’t. Through the wisdom of this ancient tradition and its practices we remember how to care for, strengthen and heal our body, mind and spirit.

Introduction to Ayurveda workshop

Saturday 2nd September, 10am to 1pm - $65


Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Learn the basics of handling pregnancy in class

Ensure you have the knowledge and skills to create a safe and supportive environment for pregnant students who wish to continue their yoga.

  • Physical and Physiological changes during pregnancy
  • The key safety principles
  • Customising sequences
  • Understanding your limitations as a teacher
  • Q&A

Pregnancy is a beautiful time to start or continue a yoga practice. There are many benefits, from observing and enjoying the transitions in our bodies to preparing physically and emotionally for birth and recovery.

While we are living in a fast-paced world, Prenatal yoga is about slowing down and becoming ready to embrace motherhood, by tapping into a balanced mix of asanas, breath work, sounds/chanting, and relaxation.

Learn to hold a safe and nurturing space for mamas to observe their emotions, to feel calm and grounded, to strengthen their bodies and minds, and to connect with their little one while in-utero.

Prenatal Yoga for Teachers workshop

Sunday 3rd September, 1pm to 3pm - $40